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Brylan Earrings

Brylan Earrings

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Introducing the Brylan Earrings - a poignant tribute to a life of grace and beauty. These 2-inch earrings feature a striking semi-circle design adorned with delicate inset pearls, symbolizing the cherished memories of a young woman who left us too soon due to an impaired driver. Crafted with heartfelt intention, the Brylan Earrings serve as a reminder to cherish life's precious moments and advocate for responsible choices. These earrings not only exude elegance and sophistication but also carry a powerful message that resonates with the hearts of those who wear them.

Brylan's sister wrote to us as part of our "Name the jewelry" contest, "We lost my 20 year old sister (who I raised as a daughter) a few years ago in a fatal accident caused by an impaired driver. She was the most beautiful and amazing person. Her spirit instantly lit up the room and she was so full of life, just being near her made you excited for what the day might bring. Her fearless independence and unique outlook made you see the world differently...better somehow. There are days where it is hard to breathe with out her. We shared a love of unique jewelry and since her passing, I've wanted to have a special piece created & named after her. A way to make her name known like she didn't have a chance to. She wanted to do so much, accomplish so many things, she spent every moment chasing her dreams. I'd be so grateful to be chosen as your winner. Word can not express what it would mean to me to be able to do this for her."


  • 2 inches
  • Gold Plated Brass
  • Nickel Free
  • Name the Jewelry Contest Winner
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