About Us

The year is 2020, the world is anything but normal. Steward & James was born with the desire of creating something beautiful in the mix of chaos in the world. Our jewelry is designed to be your new favorite piece. Something you can wear everyday or dress up for a special occasion. Design, Quality, and Price are the utmost importance for us. Steward & James jewelry is 14kt or 18kt gold plated stainless steel and brass. Easy care will make your pieces last through everyday adventures.

Named after my grandfathers, Steward & James has always been a dream of mine. I have always been creative with a passion for jewelry. I believe jewelry is a statement. It is one of the most important types of art in the world today. You physically live your life in it! A pair of earrings not only transforms an outfit it also elevates your confidence. Personally, when I put on a statement piece of jewelry like earrings or a necklace, I know I have my armor on for the day and I can do anything. I want Steward & James to empower you to feel the same way!

My mother always taught me from a young age "Presentation is Everything!". This has carried me throughout my entire life and has never steered me wrong. Jewelry is the final touch to complete the look you present to the world. I love helping others look beautiful and feel confident, as they take on life!