About Us

Welcome to Steward & James, a haven of beauty and inspiration in the midst of an ever-changing world. Founded in 2020, our brand was born with a heartfelt desire to create something extraordinary amidst the chaos of the world.  I believe jewelry is a statement. It is one of the most important types of art in the world today. You physically live your life in it! 

At Steward & James, each piece of jewelry focuses on design, quality, and affordability. Our collections feature 14kt or 18kt gold-plated stainless steel and brass, ensuring durability to accompany you through every adventure life brings. Something you can wear for everyday and every occasion

Named after my grandfathers, Steward & James has always been a dream of mine. What sets us apart is our passion for naming our jewelry after loved ones who hold a special place in our hearts. Each piece carries a meaningful story, becoming not only an accessory but a tribute to cherished memories and loved ones.

As the founder of Steward & James, I've always been captivated by the artistry of jewelry and its ability to transform not only your appearance but also your confidence. When you wear a pair of our earrings or a necklace, you're adorning yourself with powerful armor, ready to conquer any challenge that comes your way.

My mother's wise words, "Presentation is Everything!", have been my guiding principle throughout life. I find joy in helping others feel beautiful and confident as they navigate life's journey. Our jewelry is the final touch that completes your look, empowering you to showcase your authentic self to the world.

We welcome you to join our community, where every piece tells a story and every design celebrates the beauty within you. Let Steward & James be the companion to your everyday adventures, and may our jewelry empower you to embrace your unique style and feel unstoppable every step of the way.